Chess Adventure Postponed until  2014...

Unfortunately, this year finds many of our qualified volunteers sidelined by work, health, election and other demands on their summer.  With fewer volunteers than in the past, we faced the possibility that this year's Chess Adventure would not live up to the tradition of past camps.

It was a very difficult decision, but the Chess Adventure Policy Board has decided to postpone the summer camp until 2014. If you have sent registration forms or payment, these are being returned by mail. We will look forward to Chess Adventure 2014!




Welcome to Chess Adventure!

Chuck Unruh, National Chess Master, teaching the Premier class. Ed Boyle is assisting and also held a morning tournament.Chess Adventure began in the spring of 2006 with a few parents, chess club directors, and chess experts who wished to promote scholastic chess. Our goal was to work together to provide a low cost summer chess camp experience for scholastic chess players. Through the efforts of willling and enthusiastic volunteers, our first year was a tremendous success with 50 campers of all ages and skills. Highligchess simul eventhts included a simul with National Chess Master Chuck Unruh and a team championship Swiss tournament on the last day.

In our second year, we nearly doubled enrollment. A few families traveled from miles away and stayed in hotels so their children could attend camp. Nearly all our our first year's volunteers and teachers returned and many more offered helps. A morning session, lunch and cookout for the Premier players were added. New activities including human chess were included in the events.

Chess Adventure is now incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. Those associated with the organization continue their goal of providing scholastic chess education opportunities through chess camps, scholastic chess clubs, and other educational chess-related activities.

For additional information about Chess Adventure, you may contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Human Chess

Young camper playing human chess

Our chess camp now has a human chess set measuring 16' x 16'. Students worked together in teams on strategy and tactics.


Most Improved Player Awards

Chess Adventure camper receiving award from Albert Rine

Each year players receive tournament trophies, medals and player awards. Chess Adventure President, Albert Rine, is presenting an award to one of the most improved players.


Team Chess

team chess event at Chess Adventure

Team chess is an activity that was brought in from a chess club that has used this learning approach for nearly 5 years. Each team is provided with a chess set. Players decide on their team's move and make the same move on their opponent's board before pressing the clock. More advanced players are encouraged to discuss strategy with the beginning players.

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