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  • Chess Adventure CampJoin a school chess club. A list of known scholastic clubs may be found at http://okschess.org/members/clubs.htm

  • Chess Adventure CampIf your school does not have a club, you may want to start one. You will need a faculty sponsor and a volunteer chess coach. You will find resources at the OSCO(Oklahoma Scholastic Chess Organization) site:
  • Chess Adventure CampGrab a friend from camp and come enjoy the informal chess club for all ages/ratings in Tulsa on Friday evenings:
    BARNES & NOBLE chess club meets on Friday nights from 7-11pm at Barnes & Noble Books in the CD/DVD section of the bookstore, Woodland Plaza (across 71st from Woodland Hills Mall) 8620 E 71 Street, (918) 250-5034. Bring your board and have some fun. All ages are welcome. Children are to be supervised by their parents. Players should buy refreshment or occasional book during the evening for the generous donation of space.

  • Play chess with your friends. A standard vinyl tournament chess board and regulation pieces may be purchased from such places as wholesalechess.com for around $20 including shipping and handling. 

    Chess Adventure Camp
  • Purchase and use some chess training software. Chessmaster works for all ages and comes in several editions for various operating systems. This software may be purchased online through Amazon and other stores.

  • Chess Adventure CampOnce you have practiced, attend scholastic tournaments! These tournaments are held October through March with about 6-8 scheduled for each school year.
    • A schedule of scholastic events may be found at http://www.okschess.org/events/schedule.htm
    • To receive email notification, send your request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

  • Return to camp next year! Watch for the announcement at www.okschess.org AND chessadventure.org for the upcoming Chess Adventure Summer Chess Camp. We try to have the dates selected by January for the next summer. Registration typically opens February/March.

Chess Adventure CampChess Adventure CampChess Adventure CampChess Adventure CampChess Adventure CampChess Adventure CampChess Adventure CampChess Adventure CampChess Adventure Camp


 Human Chess Game
Chess Adventure Camp
7.15.10 King’s Indian Defense Fianchetto Variation with …c6
by John Cope

1. Nf3 Nf6 2. g3 g6 3. Bg2 Bg7 4. c4 d6 5. 0-0 0-0 6. d4 c6

This is the fianchetto variation of the King’s Indian Defense, which is one of White’s most dangerous lines against this popular defense. White believes that the bishop on g2 will help defend against any kingside attacks, which Black often gains in the King’s Indian after the center locks up and Black plays the pawn break f7-f5.

In this variation, White has a space advantage while Black has flexibility and two potential pawn breaks (e7-e5 and b7-b5) to challenge the White pawn center.


~~~ Organizing a Team Chess Game ~~~

Team chess was brought to Chess Adventure in the first year by an area chess club. It may be played at an 8' table with opposing teams taking opposite ends. It may also be played in a gymnasium almost as a relay game with a chess clock placed in the middle between teams. The following is an illustration with general rules for play...

The teams are separated to keep them from hearing the discussion of strategy by the opposing team. The sets on each table should be identical and are kept synchronized by team runners who actually make their team’s move on the opposing team’s board.The team leaders should be the higher ranked players and should be as evenly matched as possible. Play begins with:

Illustration of team chess arrangement

A. Team Leader: 

1. Let your team members study the board for a minute if necessary.
2. Ask at least two players for what they would consider to be the best next move. Have them explain why they believe it is a good move.
3. Choose the best move suggested by a team member OR choose your own move. Explain why.

team chess event during Chess AdventureB. Record Keeper:

4. Record the move on your team’s score sheet.

C. Runner(s):

5. Go to the opposing team’s board and make your team’s move.
6. Press clock and return to team

D. Record Keeper (opposing team):

7. Record the play that the opposing team’s runner just made on your team’s board.

Play then alternates to the opposing team and steps 1-7 are repeated. At the end of the game, the score sheets may be copied and given to all players to study.

Simplified version: Use only a team leader and a clock. Moves are called out to other team. A referee may need to occasionally check that the boards are both in the same position.


~~~ How to Create a Human Chess Set ~~~

ironing chess pieces onto t-shirtsDuring the 2007 Chess Adventure camp, younger campers enjoyed playing human chess! The set takes a bit of work, but it is well worth the effort. The following paragraphs contain general directions for making your own human chess set for your chess club!

To create the chess pieces, 16 white and 16 black t-shirts were used. Medium to large sized t-shirts were used for the pawns; and large, x-large, and xx-large t-shirts were used for the pieces.

Fabric cut outs of chess pieces were ironed on to the front and back of each t-shirt using trigger (duck cloth). To do this, HeatnBond iron-on adhesive sheets were first ironed to the back side of the fabric used for the chess pieces.

Then the outline of a pattern was traced on the paper backing of the adhesive material using highlighters. To hold the patterns in place while tracking, glue stick works well. Pieces were then cut out, centered and ironed on to each shirt.

Cutting out chess pieces for t-shirtsFor the chess board, a heavy fabric (duck or trigger) was sewn together in a patchwork pattern. 

Each square measured 20" x 20" when finished. This size is fine for younger campers, but 24" or even 30" would be more comfortable if storage space and budget permits. Letters and numbers for the rank and file labels were added to the board using HeatnBond iron-on adhesive and left over material. 

Once the board was finished, it was rolled on to a 6' PVC pipe for transport and storage. To keep the shirts in good shape, each was folded and stored so that the chess pieces lay flat. Enjoy!!!  Chess Adventure campers playing human chess


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